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Barre is a low impact workout that encompasses a blend of Pilates, yoga, dance, core and functional strength. Classes vary by instructor and may include an extra challenge utilizing light hand weights, Bender Balls, resistant tubes, bands or gliding discs. Barre socks are highly recommended.
Barre HIIT
Barre HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) offers the same foundations as Barre with optional short bursts of high impact cardio designed to increase your heart rate.
Jab, cross, uppercut! You’ll find it all in this fast-paced rhythmic workout. Using standing punching bags as your focal point, you’ll slip on your boxing gloves and physically punch and kick the bag to the beat. Gloves are required but can be provided if needed.
Les Mills’ BodyPump is the “original barbell class” scientifically designed to fatigue and strengthen each muscle group to get lean, toned muscles fast!
Circuits is a fast-paced station-based workout designed to help you achieve your max fitness for short-timed periods. Full body core, strength, cardio ability and endurance will be tested in this class. Exercise stations vary in each class.
Insanity pushes your body to its limit and delivers a workout like never before…no weights, no equipment—it’s all you! Timed 30-seconds-to-one-minute intervals will challenge your endurance and strength, ultimately transforming your body to a new, even greater level of fitness.
Tabata and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) are both sprint interval training classes that alternate intense anaerobic exercises with short recovery periods, a method designed to fatigue your body. Although this class is designed to be fast-paced and intense, clients are encouraged to work at their own level to reach their goals.
Join our incredible team of fitness pros as you take our top of the line Stages Cycling bikes for a ride.  Sprints, jumps, climbs, power, resistance, watts, rpms…you’ll cover it all in your fast paced fitness challenge.