320 Haddon Avenue, Unit 4
(609) 605-1088

Kim Nieves

Kim Nieves instructs the following:
  • Insanity is a 45 minute class based on interval training...short intense burst to increase your heart-rate and challenge you to the max. You'll shed hundreds of calories as well as build strength and stamina. There will be no time to be bored in this class!

  • Join us for this outdoor Bootcamp (weather permitting) to challenge your body to its max.  A workout filled with kettlebells, battle ropes, sprints, weights, jump ropes and so much more.

  • Barre is a blend of yoga, Pilates and functional strength. This practice is designed to strengthen and lean out your overall body with a variety of low impact exercise using mat work, light weights, bands and gliders. You’ll definitely work up a sweat and feel a burn like no other. Grippy socks required. Perfect for all fitness levels.

  • Core Cardio is a fast paced class designed to improve stamina and strength. Short burst of intense cardio patterns incorporating light weights to increase your heart-rate and build lean muscle; combined with a focus on overall core exercises. It's sure to be a challenge!